Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love sea monsters

So I started on some more black and whites. Before I made a set with charcoal--and they were meh, so I decided to replace my charcoal style with my pen style because I think I'm better with the pen. I made these two off of a sea monster idea I had in my sketchbook. Thing is, after I finished I realized that both my camera and the forty dollar scanner we bought three years ago isn't really that great for reproduction. Kind of a bummer. So these doesn't look nearly as nice as the horse chick I did at the Y. However, I'll take it as an opportunity to improvise with photoshop.

Here's two from the scan.

and here's two from the camera. I decided to add some tone to boost the poor quality of the shot.

Its funny how one benifited more from the scan, and the other benifited more from the scan. O well. At least its something to show for my time. Besides, I'll get a camara soon enough to get these to a professional quality of reproduction.

Another thing, acclimating is taking me forever. I swear I'm still sleeping 11 hours a day and I can't help it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I finally have reference!

My BFA Show.

I was asked several times of the symbolism behind the white squares. Sorry to dissapoint, but they are just text boxes. I wanted to give the book more of an old fashioned feel since it is about something that happened in the middle ages. I was also asked about the Symbolism of "BFA." It means Bachelor of Fine Arts. Anywho, the show was a success and it was nice to let people see what I do more than just my sketchbook and my lazy pictures I put on the wall.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

latest drawing

I decided to revise my cowboy digital disaster from earlier this year by starting completely over, and then just doing away with color all together.
And honestly after drawing that guy for 4 weeks I couldn't go back to it. So stuffed him in the back left corner and drew this.

I just finished off Emma, and I have to say Emma and Northanger Abby aren't my favorite Austins. They make me feel a little bit more stupid after I read them. Although, the chapter where Emma and Mr. Knightly are arguing about if any woman of good virtues are worth a man well above her status was worth it. Too bad it was the third chapter and by the end it feels like Austin says "Yeah she's worth it, but she aint going to get it." But then I read Lady Susan and felt better.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

another revision

This is guaranteed the only place on the internet you can find Lincoln, Warf, and Britney Spears in the same place.

My signature looks super dumb because I did it without the tablet. I'll fix that later.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

recent stuff

ah a fox

Its kind of cheesy. I was hoping it would just seem old fashioned but its really just cheesy.

Its more subdued and washed out because I'm going to print it, and I've noticed it always prints in hyper-colors and so I'm doing this as an expirement.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tea time

recent acrylic/oil thing. I was surprised how quickly I got it done. I'm all about painting on top of quick digital paintings nowadays. The only hassle is when you mount on foam core. I wish I knew that before I put my BFA all on foam core. Ps, my BFA is up in the Gallery 303 right now. Opening Reception is Friday 6-8. I should make a flyer or something...

graphic design stuff

I think I should finally get around to making a buisness identity I like. So here's the first run and what I came up with.

front of envelope

back of envelope

cover letter design

Still needs work, though. PS, I finally looked at the word envelope and realized what a strange word that is--sounds like some mix between an elephant and a antelope.

Friday, April 3, 2009

color test 1 of thing I did earlier.

too dark for childrens books but its something.
What I like: texture, and that its different
What I don't like: flashbacks of standard backgrounds for MS Powerpoint.

getting towards the end of the semester...

today's 15 minute study made a mess with value. But at least its helping me loosen up.

This is dedicated to my little brother who makes video game playing into a fine art.