Saturday, February 20, 2010

next stage. the stage where the 8 foot mural threatens to squish me

here's the composition we decided on, glamourous 20's dancers (charleston just wasn't the right mood) and a brass trio.

So I toned it and it managed not to fall over on me. hooray! This took some blue tape that I can't actually tape myself because I'm too short. I toned it and it turned out super dark, which is what happens with latex paint, I guess. (it was a really thin coat, too. The stuff doesn't thin out at all, it's going to be a beast) and I pulled out the projecter and got this.
I'm going to definately change the posture of the stiff couple on the right. They're very straight up and down, especially because her hips are blocked by that sleeve, giving the impression that she's a square, and he's on his tippy toes and I'm not sure why, but the rest of it came out way better than expected.
Something I learned: black charcoal goes on housepaint and really rough canvas like drawing on paper! It's feels very natural. It just doesn't smear the same way, which is fine. It also deosn't really erase which is what happened to that dudes face.
Also, This is the first time I got to draw a figure bigger than about a foot and a half tall--those guys are four feet--yes! It is better drawing bigger. I want to do all my illustrations like this now.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I've done like a million fairies recently. Its funny, all of a sudden everyone wants fairies... I tried out doing all the color on painter. It's supposed to be pretty mainstream. Speaking of mainstream, I applied to a bunch of competitions thinking that something will come through, all that came was a waste of my money and no marketing for Rachel. Maybe my problem is that I don't know where the fairy princess competitions are. Where are the fairy princess competitions?

mural project

So I got this new mural project for a Charity event thats 20's themed and its pretty much the biggest (size wise) thing I've ever worked on.

If you look closely at the picture you can see the frame that's so big its hard to tell what it is.

we clamped it to some boards. Far from sounding like a drum when you tap it, but they wanted it to be rolled away after I was finished with it.

here's a picture to illustrate that it's about 7 feet wide and 8 feet tall!.

I'm five feet

and standing on a stool. This will be fun!