Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's been about two months so I think I should post in here again. I have been doing my studies, but work and etc caught up with me. Now that I'm in between jobs, I'll have time to post again.

So here's Sanborn Park here in Saratoga. We went camping last weekend, and I went up a little bit early to catch the light at the twilight hour (ok, maybe it was late) anyways, I have a real problem drawing trees, and since I want to get a lot better at that: trees.

Also, I'm using photoshop for this one (I usaully use painter) and I want to try and get as good at photoshop as I do at painter...and it's almost the same but just...I just miss my easy to reach brushes. (although I do like how it feels a lot more simple on photoshop than painter, because I can't go all brushes crazy ((although hypothetically I still can, it's just more work)))

A short study--about 2 hours, 40 minutes


Jessica Farruggio said...

Very pretty!

Amanda said...

I spent an hour laying in the grass starring p at through the trees in my backyard yesterday (I was waiting for spray paint to dry...and it seemed like a perfect activity to pass the time...).

This art reminds me of how relaxing the feeling was!! I LOVE this!

Rachel J said...

aw, thanks guys!