Saturday, August 29, 2009

back to art

You know what? I have too many hobbies. I also have Actionscript coming out of my ears and I still can't pull together the website I have in my head. What I realized is that there is no simple quick way to do it, no simple way to copy paste code anymore, you actually have to get your hands dirty or it just won't work.

So now this blog is back to a normal blog again instead of a flashblog because that was just frustrating. Will this blog ever have a steady purpose?

On a positive note, here's something for my next mailer, school themed. Kid with a dragon/alligator in his desk. Hopefully it'll come out cute. Cute was what I was going for.

I've also decided to take some classes at the college near me to see if I like architecture, and also because it only takes one year and a half (maybe) to get an Associate Degree and then go on to get a Masters (this is my Plan B). Its a bit more school...but its something to do as I wait for illustration to kick off. I'll be honest, if my Plan A deos work out, then I'll drop my Plan B.

But it takes years to write a book, and years to get it published--which I am down for--but I don't necessarily want to do all of that at my parent's house. Things are good though, there's a lot to be said for homegrown tomatoes, and I get a lot of homegrown tomatoes.