Monday, May 11, 2009

QSL Card

So what this is will take some explaining, becuase I didn't get what it was at first. It's called a QSL Card, and its a post-card that people who use Ham Radio order and collect. Whenever you reach another person on the Ham Radio, you send a card to them and they send a card back. Whoever gets the most win prizes. Generally, there isn't a whole lot on the QSL card, just the State your from (usaully a picture with the state flag or a b+W clip art of the shape of california on it) with the info about the Grid (CM87xg) and the Ham's caller ID (AD6ZH) and a graph that you fill out on the way.

So I branched out from the traditional Ham Style by stuffing some Bay Area feeling into it, and was shunned by a scanner that made the colors I painted come out sort of funky. I photoshopped the color back but it isn't in a place that I enjoy. I've stuffed local businesses into the background, including Google, Intel, Pixar, and one of the many missions we've got sprouting along the coast. As well, I made their graph they fill out into a computer chip to symbolize Silicon Valley, which isn't as legible as I hoped it would be. Not only that, but every Ham radio operater likes antenneas that are as tall as they can legally strap onto their cars, so the car pictured is Hammed out, in a way that really wouldn't fit through the bridge if you look at the dimensions of the picture. O well.

I stuck a Great White shark in it for good measure. Because we have a lot of those.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Updating as I'm braising my chicken.

Mm...I really have to remove the fish on the bottom of this one. I figure, that if I do enough of these, I'll have enough good ones out of the crappy ones to show without feeling meh about it. Overall I have to get used to just using pen.

Heres something I did recently for my Brother Jared's Kid's room

I was having fun with texture. I don't know if you can tell from the scan, though. It was on a block of linen that was about 4 in x 4 in x 2 in and I went on with acrylic and acrylic modeling paste.

Also, I think I'm going to turn back to Guash for a little while, because I was expirementing about this time last year and I was thinking it would be fun to do for my next story after my BFA story on Johanne and Keplar is finished. It will look something like this...

Except creepy dude/bird duo/bad composition will not be present.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Parable of the Food Network Extreme Challenge

So yesterday I was watching the Food Network Challenge, and on came the "Cereal Bridge Challenge." It was exactly what it advertised, four contestants struggling to create a bridge replica out of mostly rice rispy treats.

As the talented cooks were showing their ideas and creating them in the time of 8 hours, something incredible happened: They all struggled to keep their bridges standing, despite all of their talent, 2 out of 4 bridges fell. And what really detrimented their ability was more of a character flaw than a technical one.

Artist one, some stoner/hippie/crazy gallery artist had the idea that they were going to put a bridge on its side and have little fishes eat it. To develop her idea, she cheated and used an iron structure she already made and started wrapping seaweed around it. People wondered "Sea Weed and Rice Crispy Treats?" and she said
"If you dun like, hon, you just don't know good art when you see it!"
type thing. Anyways, her giant bridge humiliation crashed and burned halfway through because she couldn't listen to people and get her head out of her image, and left the bridge standing on its side instead of just sitting it upright like a normal person. So, she spent the rest of the time harrassing everyone else because if she was going to go down she was going to bring other people with her. "Why does everyone take this so seriously!" She wonders...maybe because she just lost 10,000 dollars?

Anyways, Artist 2, some hard core I-only-do-it-my-way Artist saw what she was doing with wire and aluminum and was less than polite in admitting
"a true chef never uses anything but Edible ingredients."
So she goes to make her Bridge, and chooses the San Fran goldgen Gate, mostly because its super long and therefore prestigious. Like a true Chef would do.
However, her soggy crispy treats, no matter how long she crisped them under the broiler, sagged hopelessly under the weight of their own long bodies. The girl kept trying, refusing to use anything but food and doing it the way she learned and the way they have done it for 1000s of years or whatever and the Golden Gate tanked shortly after the Beastly Seaweed contraption.

Artist 3 grew up in London and wanted to make the London Bridge. Only problem, is that the London bridge is extremely delicate, and everything that should have taken him 5 minutes took 30 minutes.
"I just want to make everything perfect." he said, "Which means I need a lot of details. Details is how you win." So the man put his details all over his crispy treat/cardboard frame, never making it to the suspensions of the bridge because he thought they weren't perfect, so he left them all off. It was standing, but he turned it in unfinished.

Artist 4 had done one of the challenges before and admitted that he had lost because he did something unfinished. He made the Boston Bridge, hearty and crispy-treat worthy, spray painted the whole thing with chocolate, and it was ugly. However, as he went through creating the ugly thing bit by bit while everyone else had something glamorous in its way, he went at a pace he could do. The peice was done, the piece was finished, and he was astonished to look around and realize that the contest was really just between him and Artist 3.

So, Artist 3 and Artist 4 walk up to the plate and who won 10,000 dollars? The Artist with better skill who didn't finish, or the artist who made a peice that was sort of boring, but at least complete?

Artist 4.

It hit me in a funny way. I always get stuck on details so often, but really...really I just need to finish what I started and get out there. Otherwise I'll look pretty but outside of art, unfortunately (and I know, I live with an engineer) no one notices all those little things if its unfinished. I kind of hate but love it and need to remind myself of it.

more recent black and whites

So I think I figured out how to make the crap scanner do better, which is a relief.

Anyways, another step closer to having enough black and whites for a decent portfolio. I've been really off lately, maybe its getting used to the weather or my new workspace with only Pandora to keep me company, who knows? Recent picture: kid breaking out of some palace somewhere abouts.

this is without some extra help

this is with the help.

And this is how much I could draw of my brother playing WoW before he had to go and watch the Daily Show and smile a lot. So yeah, its pretty unfinished but a fun go.

I made him some crazy colors. But I've never done a study from life on painter before, which was a good experience.