Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Check out this shirt!

Shruti wearing our shirt--you should buy one for yourself...!

Pictures of Carmel

Isn't this forbidden island awesome!?

I don't know why I never posted these! They came out real nice although it was with my not so great camara. Anyways, I'll stagger the posts of Carmel pictures, because there's like 30 of them and you don't need to see that all at once.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cesc Fabregas shirt is up!

Buy this shirt!


I know you want to! It will make Shruti and I very happy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I have this great friend of mine, Auriana, from my old Architecture days (ya, it was a while back) who got a job at a Yoga/Salon that has a gallery space. She was so wonderful to refer me to her boss and get me a month to display my work! Hurrah! My first gallery show in California! And it's connected to the San Jose Art walk, that is done down first street (and if you know First Street you know what I mean, it's a super hippie/artsy street, I love it.)

In fact, its my first gallery show where I have to fill the entire space with just myself (uhhh) by a week before November (double uhhh) and while I know I can do it, I just went from doing nothing, to doing EVERYTHING (especially when I want to finish a book for a client by the end of this month ((Triple uhhhhhhh). It's great. I actually enjoy having a busy life.

Anyways, here's a recent commission I did for Shruti of Cesc Fabregas, who plays soccer.
It will be on a yellow shirt. (I watched about 40 minutes of slow-mo soccer kicks to find this pose. Most of the ones online are groin kicks or backflip-kicks, both of which Shruti thought weren't exactly real to the game of soccer, although I secretly wanted them to be.)

However, depending on whether or not she'll be printing white and black, it could also look like this.

I think both are cool. (too bad you can't see his face when it's this small) The white and black thing was a happy mistake, in the end. The final shirt to be sold soon in online-stores--I'll put up more info for any soccer fans out there reading this after Shrut's figures out the details.